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We provide comprehensive independent stocktaking services to the Hospitality, Retail, Automotive and Real Estate industries among others.

BM Stocktaking

Stocktaking Services

Retail Stocktaking

Stocktaking solutions for all types of retail stores, from global chain stores to the local supermarket. bm is the partner you can trust for stocktake accuracy, merchandising, store support, store compliance, store insights, store development and store planning.

Healthcare Stocktaking

Inventory solutions for integrated healthcare networks to closed door pharmacies. Our fully trained experienced team deliver stocktaking, consignment check and asset management accuracy with surgical precision.

Manufacturing and Warehouse

Supply chain solutions for industrial and manufacturing environments. BM turn stocktaking problems into manageable solutions with warehouse wall-to-wall counts, pick accuracy, delivery checks and supply chain audits.

Other Services

Store Layout and Compliance

Understand the details of your selling space, including floor plans, fixtures, planograms and store conditions

Supply Chain

We believe that businesses can make significant cost savings through labour reductions and performance improvements within their supply chain


Retail support services which offer a complete merchandising solution for all your retail inventory needs, which enables customers and staff to find the correct stock in the correct location

BM Stocktaking

Our Leadership

When you have invested in a business you need to know that you are getting the best results. Regular stocktaking can help achieve this.

The result is produced and finalised on-site on the day, If all the relevant information is given at this time.

This service is an independent, confidential and accurate assessment of your business, which does not require a large investment of your time or money.

This service is the most up-to-date, efficient way to reduce shrinkage and improve profitability in your business.

Consultancy Solutions

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