Retail Stocktaking

Accounting for every item

For those clients who require stocktaking reporting and variances by bin location and item are required, we are able to count using our reliable stocktaking system. Data can be collected by scanning barcodes or by manual data entry. Stock is counted by bin location as the stock take is being undertaken, meaning variance reports by item and bin are immediately available.

Full stocktaking services for stores of all types and sizes.

  • Stocktaking

    Full stocktaking services for stores of all types and sizes

  • Cycle Count Stocktaking

    Daily cycle counts to maintain the highest level of stock accuracy.

  • Focused Stock Count

    Specific targeted counts to boost accuracy and drive sales.

  • Retail Warehouse Inventory

    Wall-to-wall Inventory of Your Retail Warehouse

  • Retail Supply Chain Audits

    Gain Insight to Isolate Supply Chain Issues

  • Stock Relocation Services

    Packing stock, transporting to a new location and replenishing stock

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